16 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Qonnections

Qonnections is Qlik’s annual customer/partner global conference, and it offers answers, information, insights and, well, connections that will help your team improve its capabilities – and help your organization make the most of 3rd-Generation BI.

In short, it’s a great opportunity to learn things you can’t learn anywhere else. Make your plans now to attend Qonnections 2019 in Dallas, May 13-16.

Solve, a Qlik partner since 2010, will be there too. In fact, we’ve participated in every Qonnections conference, and we know how to make your Qonnections experience successful.

Check out these dos and don’ts:


  • DO research and plan your trip ahead of time. Qlik maintains Qlik Qonnections, which features the full agenda of events and sessions, and is updated constantly.  You can join the conversation online with the social media tag #Qonnections.


  • DON’T wait until the last minute to register! Qlik offers an early bird discount for early signup.  Also, be aware that many of the popular sessions will fill up fast.  Be sure to mention Solve as your partner during the registration process.


  • Qonnections has a wealth of information and the breakout sessions are truly the treasure troves. DO take sessions you are interested in. But DON’T limit yourself by staying with the subjects you’re comfortable with.  Sign up for at least one session that pushes your personal envelope!


  • DO dress comfortably – there will be a lot of standing and walking required. This is not a trip to break in those new shoes!  DON’T forget plenty of business cards – there are many new connections to make.


  • DO plan on walking the exhibition floor. There are lots of excellent tools available to enhance your business intelligence journey. Make the effort to visit every aisle. DON’T be lazy. Every booth brings something to the table, and the next one may have the solution to your biggest challenge. Pro Tip: If there is a specific product you want to learn more about, you can go back during off hours when representatives have more downtime.


  • DO expect to make many new connections across a wide range of industries. Exchanging business cards is important, but DON’T forget to bring a pen so you can write down information on the back of those incoming business cards.  When you get home, they may start to blend together so keeping notes while you’re in the moment can help!


  • When an event of this magnitude takes place, you can guarantee that hiccups will occur, so DO double-check your session times and verify your game plan each day. But DON’T have a rigid plan. The venue is huge, so there will be plenty of travel between sessions, and you never know who you will encounter or what you will discover along the way.


  • DO attend the evening social functions. AndTake that time to compare notes and swap stories with your group. But DON’T limit yourself to just your group. Networking is a vital part of Qonnections.


  • DO take some time at the conference or when you get home to make notes on everything you experience. And DON’T forget to follow-up with the people you met.


Qonnections can be daunting due to its sheer size and broad scope. We hope these tips will help make it more manageable and valuable.  We look forward to seeing you in Dallas!


Scott Holewinski