A Case for Qomments

I recently bought a watch on the internet.  It was a mid-range luxury watch.  I like it a lot, it looks great.  In fact, I like it so much that I probably show it off a bit more than I should. 

Regardless, my point is that I like my watch and I like the comments and feedback I receive on it.  The one thing that I don’t do, however, is give that feedback to the brand.  I know why.  It’s because to give that feedback to the watch maker, I’d have to go onto the internet, and then go to their site, and then find a comment box, and go through THEIR process of collecting feedback.  This isn’t easy for me.  I’ll admit it, I’m a bit lazy on this front.  Then one day, they contacted me via Twitter.  They asked me how I liked my watch and I told them.  I thought to myself, “That was pretty cool.  They wanted my feedback, so they just contacted me directly and I gave it to them.”  It was easy.  It was also simple. 

That got me thinking about what we do to collect feedback on dashboards and applications that we build in Qlik.  We often go through formal testing scenarios, scripts, use cases, and intense data validation.  All of this is designed to give feedback, and it does.  But what about when the app is fully built?  What do you do to collect feedback after the app goes into production?  Do you still go through Scripts and Use cases?  Probably not.  It has already been fully tested, what is the need?  Well, there is a huge need.  At this point, we have talked about becoming Data Driven, about culture change, and about the need to change/evolve as the business changes/evolves.


Yet, we don’t have a mechanism in which to do that.  We don’t typically deploy anything to collect feedback and just rely on the users to reach out and let us know when things need some adjustment. 

What we could be doing is setting up the apps and sheets to collect feedback in real-time.  How much more feedback do you think we would get if you had a mechanism in the app, where a user could just free-type their feedback, and that info would be stored in a database, and simultaneously communicated to a Project Manager, Business Analyst, or Developer.  Would the ability to get feedback and address it immediately drive adoption?  Would the ability to address issues immediately drive culture change?  Would the willingness to collect immediate feedback enhance the relationship between Business and IT?

We can Solve for that.  Solve has developed a clean extension that allows users of Qlik Applications to enter comments and those comments are stored, or even distributed, whatever the need is.  It enables feedback on applications and drives adoption through a partnership between the users of the Dashboard and the creators of that Dashboard.

Solve is an Elite Qlik Solution provider and reseller.  Give us a call today and ask about Qomment engine.  We’d love to show you how the Qomment Engine can enable better communication within your organization.

Team Solve

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