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Business intelligence is our passion. We strive to help you grow your business by using BI to provide critical information, valuable insight and answers to your most important questions. And every member of our team has the same goal: to find intelligent and effective solutions for your most difficult problems.


Greg Woodard

Greg is a Founder and Principal Partner of Solve.


David Fields

David is a Founder and Principal Partner of Solve.

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We hire exceptional people who believe IT exists to support business. Technology skills are important, but so are curiosity, listening and communication skills, and the ability to connect with clients. We like people who lead, learn and talk about the future, rather than the past.

We like our people to have a sense of humor and an appreciation for the absurd. Our team is full of problem-lovers and problem-solvers who deep-dive into our clients’ businesses, understand their objectives, learn their pain points and work hard to delight every stakeholder with the solution. We have awesome jobs. Maybe you’re the right person for one of our roles.

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