Replace. Remake. Implement.

21st Century organizations have critical needs: Greater efficiency. Faster processes. Accurate, actionable and up-to-date information. Our custom solutions supercharge your business, accelerate integration and shorten time-to-value.

We use technology to empower your organization. It’s that simple.


With the right solution, you can streamline, strengthen and automate processes, boost productivity and discover new efficiencies.


And when out-of-the-box and half-solutions fail, a tailored, intelligently designed solution can deliver valuable operational enhancements, create conduits for information flow, and remake old solutions for today’s needs.


We leverage innovative technologies to untangle and accelerate your existing processes, design new and faster processes, modernize your legacy applications, free your valuable data, and, as appropriate, architect your critical applications for the cloud.


The result: With an intelligent custom solution from Solve, you can attain your strategic goals, operate more cost-effectively and generate more revenue.


But custom application development solutions are about more than technology. Our teams are expert at solving difficult business problems. We work closely with your team, champions, decisionmakers and stakeholders to find the most effective solution – one that conforms to best practices and uniquely suits your vision, your marketspace, your organization and your technical environment.

What we do.



Design custom applications

Fast-track innovation and new capabilities



Upgrade processes to latest technologies

Find efficiencies that capture value



Re-architect applications for the cloud

Improve access and boost performance



Integrate diverse, disparate systems

Free trapped information and reveal critical insight



Manage projects

Streamline implementation, provide visibility and enable users