Business Intelligence is more than reporting.

It’s analyzing and summarizing, spotting trends, identifying exceptions and outliers, and delivering analytics solutions. Our BI process unlocks the story within your data and uses that story to help your business perform better, adapt faster, and save money.

For companies that work with data, BI solutions deliver dynamic benefits. Our team leads all types of projects, from eliminating redundant processes, to integrating siloed departments, to building sophisticated data storage systems. We cure business pains through our proven process, which begins with a thoughtful, thorough assessment. We then plan, develop, build and support full-scale solutions. And the results are tangible.

Many of our most successful projects begin with a business problem. A consumer goods manufacturer faces a fire hose of retailer data, and they need a way to organizing it, analyze it, and make quick, profitable decisions. A food producer is losing thousands of potential sales due to out-of-stocks, and they need an alert system that tracks their products’ status on every shelf, in every store. This customer needed a BI solution.

Our solutions aren’t packed in off-the-shelf Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. That kind of system forces users to adapt to its way of working. Our BI process is accompanied by custom application development, creating data systems that streamline your business practices.

Our BI team works with company decision makers at a strategic level and front line users on a tactical level—and everyone in between. Ultimately, we are taking data all the way to meaning and action, finding clear answers to your big questions and helping you identify and understand the next step.