Discover the insight within your data.

Analyze and summarize. Spot trends. Identify exceptions and outliers. Turn raw data into real information. Solve100’s data analytics solutions give you the insight you need to help your business perform better, adapt faster and operate more efficiently.


What’s more, our solutions allow users to interact with data the way they think about data. We give our customers a natural, intuitive environment to organize, manipulate and dig through their data and discover new insights.


Solve100 is a Qlik Elite Solution Provider and a Microsoft Silver Partner. With many years of experience building solutions utilizing these sophisticated platforms, we know how to help you improve access to your data and give you the ability to make faster, more informed decisions. And as a single-source provider of data analytics services, we offer all the services you need to rapidly deploy a true self-service BI platform.


Our advanced solutions readily support multiple use cases and business units — all with a common data governance and security model. Ultimately, your users are able to perform self-service data visualization on any device, with guided and embedded analytics enhanced by reporting and alerting.


We’re different. We offer more.


We’re data analytics and application development experts. This uncommon combination gives us the ability to design a solution that allows your people to make data-driven decisions, build governance around your data, and address your organization’s unique needs with integrations, connections and customizations.


Plus, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your organization take the next step with data analytics. We can give you the ability to extend analytics into other systems and embed BI in key applications. And, we offer sophisticated predictive analytics and machine learning solutions that help your organization look ahead and know more.


Data Visualization/Reporting
Data Warehouse Development
Data Prep/ETL
Data Optimization

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