Importance of Database Administration


Most SQL Servers are installed and managed by Windows System Administrators. SQL Server can be installed with a few clicks and most vendors provide setup scripts. Why do you need a database administrator? Today, data is the life blood of the organization and databases enable most functions within the organization. What happens if you lose your data? Whether it is sales, payroll, shipping, inventory or other data, companies can be brought to a halt if their databases aren’t functioning properly. Managing and protecting databases takes a different skill than managing servers and file shares. Backups and data quality is extremely important due to the interrelationship of data and the ever-looming potential for corruption within databases. Furthermore, the overall security of your data and the servers in which it resides has become monumental due to the increase of cyber crimes.

Solve is sensitive to these challenges. As a Micosoft Partner, we know SQL Server inside and out — and can provide expert outsourced support for organizations that have limited internal resources and need help monitoring, maintaining, upgrading and supporting their implementation. Because we work with SQL Server every day, we stay current, and can eliminate the burden on you, your resources and your budget.




• Full-time expertise at part-time costs
• Instill Best Practices with performance tuning and monitoring
• A consistent go-to provider
• Expert Maintenance, low risk with a predictable, low monthly cost



Backup, Replication, and Disaster Recovery Planning and Monitoring

  • Backup Planning, Setup and Monitoring
  • Replication Planning, Setup and Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

Database Maintenance

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Maintenance
  • Index Rebuilds, Reorganization, Statistics Updates and Integrity Checks

Database Performance

  • Track processor, memory, disk performance and diskspace, network and key SQL Server performance and log performance counters


  • Remove unneeded logins and users for individuals that have left the organization, had a change in position, etc.


  • Check for service packs/patches that need to be installed on your SQL Server from hardware, OS, SQL or application perspectives

Additional-Cost Services

  • Mentoring and training
  • Cloud Migrations / Azure Migrations
  • License Optimization