Davisware Dashboards

Out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics


Get critical information and insight. Our Qlik-based solutions for the GlobalEdge and GlobalWarranty platforms help you make intelligent, data-driven and forward-looking decisions.


Leverage our expertise and proven solutions. We’ve worked with Davisware since 2014. And our sophisticated dashboards and advanced analytics give Davisware customers the ability to effectively manage field operations, efficiently administer warranty claims, and reduce overall costs.

Global Insights Dashboards

We developed our Global Insight Dashboard templates specifically for GlobalEdge. These intuitive, self-service dashboards provide owners and managers the real-time, relevant information they need to analyze their financial and business operations.


We are committed to helping customers improve their business performance through informed, data-driven decision-making. Your business generates an ever-increasing stream of data points, and our job is to help you make that information actionable. With our Global Insight Dashboards, you are able to monitor key performance indicators and dig into the underlying details.


Financial Dashboard delivers critical information and comprehensive analysis using multi-dimensional charts with timely KPIs, which include gross profit, gross margin, year-over-year trending, sales by period, days sales outstanding, inventory turnover, and accounts receivable.


Operations Dashboard provides detailed analysis of business operations and offers a concise look at key customer and service data, including technician response time trends, work completion time trends, service order counts and urgency, invoices as related to service orders and time analysis. Plus, it offers the ability to perform analysis by case status, time and urgency.

Warranty Insights Dashboards

Developed with Davisware, Warranty Insights Dashboards offer the ability to analyze warranty claims in a relevant, user-friendly way. Our goal for these highly insightful dashboards: Help you improve business performance. Make your data actionable. Boost your bottom line. And enable informed, data-driven solutions to your biggest warranty management challenges.


Detailed analysis of warranty claims provides a deep understanding of how equipment you installed and maintain is performing. And, most important, it lets you identify recurrent issues, know when they occur and know what parts are involved.


Warranty Insights Dashboards enable valuable analysis on key KPIs, including first-time fix analysis, average cost per claim/tech, claim volume analysis, claim analysis by brand/model, geospatial analysis, common parts usage/analysis, claim-to-warranty period/timing, detailed claim information, and time analysis.