Profit FI Business Intelligence

BI for the Banking and Financial Services Industries.


In today’s business landscape, it’s essential to empower your institution with information and insight to make data-driven decisions, reduce risk, and help you identify and engage customers.


Profit FI integrates your core banking systems, aggregates your data, applies sophisticated data modeling, and then presents critical analysis, key insights and an overview of your institution’s performance in intuitive dashboards.

Complete Financial Services Solution


Profit FI is built on core banking platforms. It offers virtually instant access to key data, up-to-the-minute reporting and analytics, and customizable dashboards. Looking closer, Profit FI provides…


  • A data model over your core provider — to ensure faster, easier implementation
  • Sophisticated analytics and insights — to visualize key performance metrics
  • Data-capture and trend discovery — to give you valuable insight and view KPIs over time
  • Customizable report/dashboard templates — to allow you to configure information to your unique needs
  • Integration of outside data — to enable use of LaserPro, Moody’s and other third-party data
  • Self-service capabilities — to enable users to create custom and ad hoc analytics and dashboards


Get the information you need to know, understand options, and make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence + Analytics


Using Profit FI’s Dynamic Query function, you’ll have virtually instant access to up-to-the-minute reporting. Gather, sort and analyze data instantly while generating reports in a multitude of formats. Search through data using intuitive functions — and get answers to your questions in real time.


Robust and customizable data-driven dashboards are designed to present at-a-glance information, keeping you always informed.


Other dashboards can be configured for any type of employee — displaying information they need while giving them the ability to conduct instant queries. A modular approach to retrieving analytics gives you the flexibility to tailor your information-gathering to your unique needs.

Dynamic Query + Dynamic Reporting


Profit FI’s Dynamic Query function puts you in control of a vast data store, letting you build complex searches and real-time queries to answer everyday questions in seconds.


With the tool’s unified data model, changes made in one system instantly propagate to others, giving you a view of your financial institution’s data that you’ve never seen before.


The Dynamic Reporting function takes the results from Dynamic Query to create presentations in tables, pie or bar charts, and other formats, all of which can be printed and exported.


Save, bookmark and instantly recall all your queries and reports, thanks to a memorized reporting feature that saves you time and money.


The bottom line: The combination of Dynamic Query and Dynamic Reporting gives you a powerful toolset for the creation of board, marketing, call, productivity and funds management reporting.