consultant dashboard planning
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We built a data warehouse and developed an executive dashboard for a manufacturer of plastic extrusion parts. Our solution monitors custom part costs and sales quotes to ensure profitability and growth (and prevent loss). And it eliminates the need to manually prepare reports to track the last three to five years of part data.

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We created a system for consolidated daily sales reports utilizing online analytical processing (OLAP) across four different ERP systems.

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We assessed and optimized a healthcare provider’s Qlik environment and ETL process. Today, the organization consistently uses development best practices, is able to accurately and quickly assemble and validate new datasets and dashboards, and provide improved physician and clinical dashboards.

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We created a large data warehouse of sensibly organized customer information for a leading supplier of consumer goods. With access to a new interface and up-to-the-minute retail and supply chain data, this company improved their ability to retail their products and increased sales by millions.

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Working with retailers for a leading bicycle brand, we created a web-based analytics tool that allows store managers to measure, set and track goals, and forecast for future performance. An integrated data warehouse is the engine for this analytics application.

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After we developed a self-service portal for a financial services firm’s clients, they now only need a staff of six to handle a client base of more than 6,000.