Data Analytics is helping CPG companies stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive and dynamic industry.  Everything from tracking the latest consumer trends, media triggers and management of a highly complex supply chain to being able to track individual consumer purchasing, data and the analysis of that data has more of an impact than ever before. 

Solve100 has helped clients:


  • Align Products With Customer Interests
  • Reduce Innovation Costs
  • Predict Revenues
  • Align R&D Funding With Consumer Interests
  • Efficiently Manage Supply Chain
  • Integrate An Agile Dynamic Within the Supply Chain
  • Reduce Material Waste
  • Identify Individual Profit Centers & Products

Case Studies

Warranty Dashboard  Solve100 was retained to implement GlobalEdge customer warranty template dashboards (Financial and Operational) inside a Qlik Sense server environment for a foodservice commercial parts and services company. Solve100 install and configured Qlik Sense Server, loaded templates on the client’s Qlik Sense server, scheduled data refreshes for the dashboards, installed and configured a Qlik Sense Management Dashboard and trained client on how to use to monitor dashboard.  This ultimately allowed the client to identify parts that were faulty and provide better customer service by actually replacing parts prior to their failing in their customers’ environments.  Customer satisfaction and retainment metrics provided for additional growth/revenue for the organization.

Operations and Finance dashboard development for an international lock manufacturer.   Key Operational KPIs included Inventory Turns, Invoices/day, Ticket Value, Time to Completion. Key Financial KPIs included Revenue, Profits, Sales, AR, Inventory.  The creation of these dashboards allowed the client to analyze and filter data by Tie, Division, Technician, Customer and other attributes.  Solve100 installed and configured the BI environment, scheduled data refreshes for the dashboards and trained users on maintenance and future self-service data analytics.

Business Intelligence Program Implementation Solve100 worked with a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for the food service and retail markets to setup a BI environment using best practice methods.  Once the environment was setup and configured to multiple data sources, we continued to implement a development methodology that not only supported the development of a Sales Dashboard, but provided a solid foundation for future dashboard development.  This project provided users access to visualizations and self-service analytics related to Sales information.  

The project included the following:

  • Data model(s) incorporating information from the host systems and other data sources for information regarding Sales and Product Information.
  • Analytics included extensive visualizations and reports to provide analysis of Sales and customer related data.
  • Section access was used to limit access to Sales data as dictated by existing security rules.

Sales/Operations/Financial Analytics for a manufacturer of fine vanillas and flavors. With a goal to increase demand globally, the third-generation family owners are eager to move forward into the next phase of the company’s growth. 

Solve100 worked closely with the client’s teams to implement enterprise-level Data Analytics applications covering sales and operations, budget/forecasting and financials. What’s more, NMV and Solve100 implemented a best-practice data environment designed to enable self-service BI to a group of power users that are responsible for delivering data to end users.

Shop Floor Process Control for a snack food manufacturer. Solve100 supported the development and implementation of shop floor statistical process control – leveraging our BI expertise created a solution that enables tracking and analysis of each item and production run. Plus, Solve100’s solution also supported the company’s Lean Six-Sigma practices.

Sales inventory and trending reporting for a global manufacturer of bicycles.  Solve100 developed a solution that provides store managers the ability to measure, set and track goals and performance, while forecasting for the future. The engine behind the dashboard is an integrated data warehouse that consolidates dealer information across all registered dealers and provides timely access to accurate data. The solution also provides predefined reports across key business functions, and supports drill-down and ad-hoc reporting.

Production Analytics for one of North America’s top producers of turkey, ham, chicken, and beef products.  Solve100 was brought in to create analytical dashboards that would improve visibility into key metrics and provide greater insight into production efficiency, product inventory and delivery logistics. Working closely with the client data team, we quickly created dashboards for inventory on-hand, 10-week inventory and production forecasts for operations, and product distribution metrics for sales.