In a heavily data driven industry, data analytics plays a key role in reducing risks, driving profitability and creating a competitive advantage.

Solve100 can help you with:


  • Sales & Revenue Analysis
  • Customer Targeting
  • Wealth Management
  • Transactional Activity Analysis for Deposits/Withdrawals, Payments, Mortgage & Loans and Fraud Investigations.
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Predictive & What-if Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Marketing, Cross-selling, Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Customer “Churn” Analysis

Profit Fi


Profit Fi Integrates your core banking systems, aggregates your data, applies sophisticated data modeling, and then presents critical analysis, key insights, and an overview of your institution’s performance in intuitive dashboards. LEARN MORE

Case Studies

Customer Profile & Lending Process Analytics  Solve100’s banking client wanted to grow its commercial lending portfolio by $80 million, it knew the key to achieving that goal was having better access to information. To give the institution the insight it needed, Solve100 implemented business intelligence solution that provided 360-degree customer information and commercial lender capability.

Now, the bank can look inside its lending processes, streamline applications and approvals, identify bottlenecks and meet compliance standards. In addition, Solve100 provided loan officers with the ability to visualize their entire portfolio, measure performance against targets, and pinpoint ways to boost performance and earnings.


Today, the bank uses sophisticated dashboards for commercial lending, retail banking, credit risk, and compliance and CECL.

Financial Reporting Analytics  Solve100’s Credit Union client holds more than $285 million in total assets and serves more than 60,000 members..

With a Jack Henry Symitar and Advanced Reporting for Credit Unions (ARCU) solution in place, they engaged Solve100 to enhance their core financial reporting, branch analysis and transaction analysis.

Solve100 structured a solution leveraging Qlik and other advanced toolsets – a solution that has helped the credit union understand its operations, performance and customers at a much deeper level, and helped it reach a greater growth rate.

Training and User Adoption for a regional credit union with 26 branches and $2.4B in assets.  A long-time user of a variety of data analysis tools, our client (credit union) had just standardized on the Qlik Platform for all  analytics.

Solve100 partnered with the client to teach power users and IT personnel several core Qlik Training offerings, including the “Creating Visualizations” and “Data Modeling for Qlik Sense” curriculums. The result: Their personnel today are better equipped to extend the solid, sophisticated analytics foundation they built.

Future plans include deployment of other Qlik-based tools to focus on improved member engagement, including branch management and teller/front-line insight BI applications.

Custom Integration  Our client wanted to create a data upload to the Moody’s Lending Cloud.  Moody’s Analytics is a recognized leader in cloud-based lending software that consolidates credit analysis, risk rating models, pre- and post-approval stress testing, automated credit presentations and ongoing loan management into a single system.  For the Repository Direct Phase, they wanted to upload three primary categories of data to Moody’s via API:

    1. Demographic information for customers and related entities
    2. All loan information related to customers and related entities
    3. Customers’ deposit information

Much of the data needed to create the upload files already existed in our Profit FI system that the client was using.  Solve100 used Qlik to customize the mappings to reflect Moody’s new format, and then added the additional fields necessary to complete the data required for the Moody’s import files and created the actual import files.