Our Healthcare analytics solutions can combine internal and external data to provide a comprehensive view of financial, clinical and business operations.  These solutions can help to reduce costs, reduce inefficiencies and even improve patient care outcomes.

We help healthcare clients impact:


  • Patient care
  • General performance tracking
  • Pandemic analysis
  • Risk identification
  • Provider/payor billing
  • Insurance processing
  • Predictive/clinical trials
  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Improve patient satisfaction by streamlining tedious process
  • Supply chain analysis/ cost reduction

Case Studies

Data & Analytics Support  For a not-for­ profit healthcare system serving eastern Wisconsin through 15 hospitals, 150 clinics and 70 pharmacies, Solve100 provided the following:

    • Set up high-performance ETL environments using Microsoft SSIS with integrated source and version control.
    • Upgraded profiling/analysis of data from multiple non­-Epic data sources for loading into Epic Cogito DW.
    • Implemented a process using Microsoft SSAS for monthly load of national pharmacy claim data into >4TB data mart for PBM contract analysis – plus dynamic reporting and export capabilities.
    • Automated SSIS process to deploy a cloud-based SQL Server instance, database app code, DDL and data for patient billing and insurance management – so each client has its own isolated environment.
    • Developed custom SSAS Cubes for analysis of pharmaceutical rep performance against national prescription data.
    • Established a process using SSIS, dynamic T-SQL script and stored procedures to integrate ACO data from multiple sources into Epic Cogito DW.

Analytics for Utilization & Cost Patterns for Cronic Conditions for a company that provides healthcare benefits management, communications, wellness programs and consultation.

Solve100 created an employer Dashboard to help clients understand and analyze their healthcare utilization and cost patterns, determine the impact of chronic conditions on claim expense, and compare their performance in key measures against national benchmarks. In addition, their clients are able to refer members for participation in disease management programs, identify overuse of emergency department services and evaluate the cost effectiveness of the overall benefit plan.

Solve100 also developed a process to identify physicians performing and referring services outside the health system network, and provide customers with the ability to reduce this revenue leakage.

Solve100 also loaded data for 250 million claims into Qlik, and used QlikView to provide faster query results, deliver better population utilization metrics, provide physician performance measures, and improve analysis of claims.

BI Environment Optimization for one of the leading bone and joint care providers in northern Illinois, with four multi-specialty clinics providing diagnosis, clinical care, imaging, rehabilitation therapy and other services.  Client was experiencing subpar BI system performance and poor user adoption. Solve100 provided an environment health check, provided optimization recommendations and guidance on ETL enhancements. Today, the organization consistently uses development best practices, is able to accurately and quickly assemble and validate new datasets and dashboards and provides improved physician and clinical dashboards. And these enhancements have helped boost user adoption and utilization rates.

Data Modeling & Embedded Analytics – A Louisville, KY based healthcare analytics firm that works with healthcare payers and providers to turn data into more efficient services and improved outcomes. The client uses Qlik Sense dashboards to provide its customers with insight into medical expenses, chronic conditions and utilization. Solve100 developed Qlik Data Models, and custom themes, extensions and dashboards for embedding into the customer portal. Using Section Access, each user is presented only with data they are authorized to see. The theme is used to ensure consistent styling. And the extensions provided chart features not supported by standard Qlik Charts.

Epic Integrated Data Analytics Program for an integrated healthcare delivery organization that including 32 primary care clinics, and several inpatient and outpatient care facilities.

Solve100 built a BI solution and provided best practices data architecture, enabling our client to merge data from Epic and Meditech and provide seamless data access during a two-year Epic  implementation. In addition, Solve100 developed procedures in Qlik to calculate Meaningful Use measures to provide performance insight to physicians and staff in the interim. When Epic came online, these measures were made available in the application via a Solve-built dashboard – and were a key part of internal attestation and reporting processes.

Solve100 also was instrumental in providing a reporting framework for hospital and clinical services by brand and by a classification using a complex matrix of conditions. With an eye toward flexibility, Solve100 developed this process so it could be configured by business analysts using a spreadsheet.