Gain insights to make your organization more responsive to dynamic customer trends.

Solve100 can help you to identify patterns and dependencies:


  • Provide Predictive maintenance on shop floor
  • Analyze Yields & Performance data
  • Optimize process/decrease overall downtime
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Increase Quality Control
  • Reduce Production costs
  • Increase Procurement Efficiency
  • Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

Case Studies

Performance Efficiency for a leading supplier of plastic-based multi-packaging systems for the beer, soft drink and general products industries. Solve100 developed a performance efficiency application for measuring units, scrap and defects by production line, employee and shift. We also deployed a data collection solution on a Honeywell extruder for performance monitoring and quality control.

Shop Floor Analytics for a manufacturer of commercial ovens, chillers, warming cabinets and other commercial cooking equipment. Solve100 developed and deployed a shop floor analytics solution for welding, cutting and final prep production lines to measure productivity by employee, line and shift, as well as scrap.

Productivity Analytics for a market leader in custom fluid film bearings and magnetic bearing systems for high performing turbomachinery. Solve100 developed a shop floor application to measure and analyze employee, line and shift productivity.

Supply Chain Analytics for a food service production company. Solve100 developed a custom solution to enable the company to run the manufacturing floor enabling team members and management to view products, lines and quantities in production across the floor. Also ensured products could be traced from farm to table, by building a solution that continued to track products from raw material to outgoing SKU.

Shop Floor Process Control for a snack food manufacturer. Solve100 supported the development and implementation of shop floor statistical process control – leveraging our BI expertise created a solution that enables tracking and analysis of each item and production run. Plus, Solve100’s solution also supported the company’s Lean Six-Sigma practices.

Management Operating System for a manufacturer of highly engineered electronic components, modules and systems for the automotive, heavy-duty truck, agricultural and off-highway vehicle markets. Solve100 created an application that displays dashboards by role and location, with a set of KPIs categorized under SQDCIM (safety, quality, delivery, cost, inventory and manpower) determined through a Hoshin process (or Policy Deployment). This system captures information from its source and rolls that information up through the organization to keep alignment in activities at all levels.

Supply Chain solution for a manufacturer of hunting supplies, and products used by the military, government and law enforcement markets. Solve100 built an analytics application that encompassed all manufacturing operations, starting with OEE losses (helping cut scrap 50%), and then moving on to identify critical efficiencies in procurement, quality, testing, scheduling and inventory.

Sales Revenues solution for a manufacturer of high-quality hand tools for the industrial, HVAC, roofing/siding and fencing industries. Solve100 built consolidated dashboards that delivered increased visibility into revenue across the company’s verticals and regions, with monthly sales trend reports, alerts on inactive customers, and other key financial information.

Defective Product Identification solution for one of North America’s leading OE fuel and water pump manufacturers. Solve100 worked with the ASC team to create a comprehensive set of tools for tracking quality metrics – and then allow for drill down to identify the root causes of the problems. One particular focus was to diagnose warranty issues and determine which correlating factors during production can predict part failure in the field and allow them to ultimately provide maintenance or replacement on those parts prior to their customer facing a breakdown in machinery.