Solve100 has helped many retail/e-commerce companies make the most of their vast amount of data by integrating BI/Data Analytics solutions for:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Optimizing Product Placement
  • Personalized Marketing & Marketing Effectiveness
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Supply Chain Insights
  • Trend Analysis
  • Customer Service Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Reducing Operational Costs
  • Tracking Social Media Customer Satisfaction, 
  • Tracking Media Triggers

Case Studies

Sales and Consumer Preferences solution for an automobile manufacturer’s Digital Showroom data mart which supports the relationship with the auto manufacturer by leveraging data from the Digital Showroom interactive touch screen and tablet applications. It provides a consistent framework for SDS data, as well as for reporting and analytic applications. These reports and analytic applications provide insights on: 

  • Consumer interactions with available features / interest generated by various content, videos, etc. 
  • Kiosk/tablet health (up times, current software versions, etc.) allows the auto manufacturer to provide valuable insights to improve the consumer experience. 
  • Program adoption

Solve100 helped to accelerate the BI program by utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for developing reports for

  • National SDS ActivityReportshowing Region, Zone, District
  • UptimeReport
  • NationalSDS StatsReport

Financial Analytics From Legacy Systems for one of the top 10 vertically integrated chicken producers in America, offering customers a wide range of top-quality poultry products. The company owns and operate eight production facilities in four states, and employs more than 7,000 team members.

The client’s business intelligence capability had been built around legacy technologies, and significant weaknesses were identified especially around key domains like sales, margin and production. In particular, complex business logic was buried in code where there was little to no documentation or awareness. 

Solve100 worked across departments to clarify business logic and ensure data accuracy. The ETL functions were built to include central, transparent handling of business rules, and conformed structures were leveraged to ensure simplicity and scale. Dashboards were created to provide visibility into profitability, sales, accounts receivable, and more. And invoices were recreated as BI visualizations – an innovative solution that allowed quick discovery of the cause of invoice inaccuracies across the organization.

Sales & Warehouse Reporting Data Analytics for a regional Grocery chain.  Solve100 assisted with setting up their BI Program, installation and configuration of software and development of their sales and warehouse analytics dashboards.  Client was able to see real-time numbers within minutes of running the report and make critical decisions with the confidence of knowing that all data sources were configured properly and represented a unified trusted source.

Self-service Analytics Configured and integrated a flexible data reporting tool that allowed department heads to adopt self-service analytics for a designer, distributor and wholesaler of travel accessory products sold via national retailers.  Insight now available to them include:  

  • Actual vs. Forecast sales by customer and by product
  • Product sales by consumer trends
  • Impact of  product availability on customers 
  • Staff productivity improvements

In-store Product Supply Chain  Solve100 created a data platform for a national poultry producer that aggregates retail data from a wide variety of sources, including Walmart’s Retail Link, EDI, AC Nielsen, IRI and DunnHumby. The solution automates the identification of shelf and supply chain issues – real-time information that enabled the company to capture tens of millions of dollars of potential lost sales. Also, predictive technologies were used to create supply chain recommendations that were built into departmental workflows – information that reduced waste and, most important, added millions of dollars in annual sales.  The investment in business intelligence paid off when it was recognized by multiple grocery chains for excellence in leveraging data to grow categories, and was awarded additional shelf space and distribution.

Sales/Operations/Financial Analytics for a manufacturer of fine vanillas and flavors. With a goal to increase demand globally, the third-generation family owners are eager to move forward into the next phase of the company’s growth.

Solve100 worked closely with the client’s teams to implement enterprise-level Data Analytics applications covering sales and operations, budget/forecasting and financials. What’s more, NMV and Solve100 implemented a best-practice data environment designed to enable self-service BI to a group of power users that are responsible for delivering data to end users.

Sales inventory and trending reporting for a global manufacturer of bicycles.  Solve100 developed a solution that provides store managers the ability to measure, set and track goals and performance, while forecasting for the future. The engine behind the dashboard is an integrated data warehouse that consolidates dealer information across all registered dealers and provides timely access to accurate data. The solution also provides predefined reports across key business functions, and supports drill-down and ad-hoc reporting.