Introducing Qlik Sense April 2019

Qlik has released their final version of Qlik Sense ahead of Qonnections 2019. After expanding their array of analysis tools in recent releases with the Dashboard and Visualization bundles, this release provides a focus on the user development experience.

Qlik Sense developers now have the ability to make data selections while editing a sheet. This allows developers to better see how the sheet will function without having to constantly click between the edit and view modes. The catch is that, when a sheet is in edit mode, Qlik Sense needs to differentiate between selections and choosing a visualization for editing. To solve this, Qlik has added icons that appear when you hover over a visualization. The Pencil icon allows for editing the properties, the Arrows icon expands the visualization to full screen, and the Grid icon allows you to drag and drop the visualization around the sheet.

There are two new charts in the Visualizations Bundle. The Bar & Area chart is an advanced bar chart that allows for transition effects, connections between bars, and labels within bars. The new Bullet chart is perfect for tracking a measure towards a goal, target, or within a band range.

Maps have been enhanced. It is now possible to add a background image to a map, include newlines in labels, and the map point layer has a new size legend. It is also possible to add a default background image to all new map visualizations that are created.

The associative insights have expanded to the selection tool providing users with insights during the selection process.

One last item worth noting is the effort that Qlik is making to enable QlikView users to begin migration and adaption of Qlik Sense. Beginning with this release, Qlik unveiled unified licensing allowing a single license key to unlock both platforms. To help clients adopt Qlik Sense sooner, Qlik has enabled Qlik Sense to link to QlikView apps.

A full list of features and enhancements can be found here.'

Scott Holewinski