Our Microsoft solutions – both on-premises and in the cloud – help you re-imagine your business and release the extraordinary potential hidden in your data.

Microsoft tools help us deliver powerful business solutions. We utilize Power BI to find insight in data. We use the SQL Server platform to support today’s data-driven applications. We use Azure to build intelligent apps that unlock new data streams and enable innovation. And we leverage the .NET platform to develop solutions that integrate technologies and automate processes.


At Solve, we use these advanced technologies to help you discover opportunities, gain insight and change the way you work. And our long partnership with Microsoft and experienced, certified Microsoft developers give us the ability to design, build and implement highly optimized solutions – applications that are reliable and cost-effective, conform to best practices and, most important, solve your unique problems.


Our Microsoft Power BI solutions transform data into amazing visuals, enable easy sharing and collaboration, and facilitate self-service detailed exploration, analysis and reporting. In addition, for IT, Power BI solutions simplify management, offer exceptional scalability, achieve compliance and provide access with built-in governance and complete security.


One more thing: A Solve-built Power BI solution gives everyone in your organization the ability to turn data into insightful visualizations they can use to make business decisions quickly and confidently.

We leverage Microsoft Azure to build cloud-based analytics solutions, transform your on-premises applications and enable your organization and systems to keep pace with changing business challenges. And, we have the expertise to architect, integrate and secure solutions that move your key systems to the cloud, modernize your applications, and provide data/analytics solutions that integrate your data streams and business processes.


Microsoft SQL Server brings industry-leading performance, scalability and availability. And in many of our solutions, it is the hub for complex data integration and advanced analytics.


With the proven SQL Server technologies, we build advanced BI solutions that turn data into meaningful insight – solutions that transform complex data, modernize reporting, provide the highest level of security, and let you utilize familiar tools. The advantages are extraordinary: Powerful data modeling. Fully interactive reports. Multi-device, mobile and hybrid BI. Easy Big Data management.


Our custom development solutions built with Microsoft .NET provide the integration between siloed applications, free critical information and modernize legacy systems. Looking closer, our apps make complex processes simple, sustainable and efficient, and create real-time connections to your BI tools.


This is what sets Solve apart: Our ability to leverage custom development to create conduits to your business applications, integrate analytics into your operational systems, and, as a result, give you the insight you need to improve productivity, discover efficiencies and ensure profitability.