Print Automator for Qlik Sense

Automate data story updates in Qlik Sense.


No analytics application can do everything, even one as comprehensive as Qlik Sense. And a missing capability frequently creates extra work or complicates an important process.


Qlik Sense offers data storytelling — a way to capture, combine and share snapshots of insights, tables and visualizations, and provide a connection to the underlying data.


And this is where we found a missing capability in Qlik Sense: A snapshot is a graphical representation of a data object at a certain point in time. Which means that when a dashboard is updated, the story is not updated automatically. Which, in turn, means that to be current, the visualizations used in stories must be updated manually.


We built Print Automator to fill this gap and enable Qlik Sense customers to…

  • update stories automatically.
  • use data stories more effectively and broadly by simplifying the export of stories, sheets and objects.
  • utilize stories as report templates that can be scheduled (using an external tool).


Users can apply any filters available and create the full range of Qlik charts, including bar, line, combo, pie, scatter, tree map, gauge, text, KPI, table and pivot table — and know that the underlying data is current and accurate.


Print Automator requires Qlik Sense Print Service, Qlik Sense SDK and Qlik Sense API. The only limitations: Print Automator does not work with all Extensions.

print automator architecture diagram

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