Revolutionary Business Intelligence for the Banking Industry


In today’s financial landscape, it’s essential to empower financial institutions to make data-driven decisions that reduce risk and enable marketers to find and engage customers.


TruData integrates your multiple systems, aggregates the data, applies sophisticated data modeling, and then presents critical analysis, key insights and a holistic overview of your institution’s performance in a single intuitive dashboard.


With most financial institutions having multiple data streams collected from a variety of sources. TruData captures and collates these data sets into a central repository, allowing you to maximize its potential and take advantage of key trends and insights.


The ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence pays enormous dividends. And with the banking environment shifting away from traditional business models, it’s more important than ever to leverage the valuable data you have in your systems.

Dynamic Query & Reporting


TruData’s Dynamic Query function puts you in control of a vast data store, letting you build complex searches and real-time queries to answer everyday questions in a matter of seconds.


With the tool’s unified data model, changes made in one system instantly propagate to others, giving you a view of your financial institution’s data you’ve never seen before.


TruData’s Dynamic Reporting function takes the results from Dynamic Query to create and organize presentations in table form, pie or bar charts, as well as other formats that can be easily printed and exported.


Save, bookmark and instantly recall all of your queries and reports thanks to a memorized reporting feature, saving you time and money.


The powerful combination of Dynamic Query and Dynamic Reporting gives your financial institution a substantial edge in the creation of board, marketing, call, productivity and funds management reporting.


Business Intelligence & Reporting


Through TruData’s dynamic queries, you’ll have virtually instant access to up-to-the-minute reporting. Gather, sort and analyze data instantly while generating reports in a multitude of formats. Search through data using intuitive functions – and get answers to your questions in real time.


Robust and customizable data-driven dashboards are designed to present at-a-glance information, keeping you informed at all times. The Today In Banking dashboard is a CEO-focused tool that presents a holistic overview of your operations. Other dashboards can be configured as needed for any type of employee – displaying information they need while giving them the ability to conduct instant queries.


The modular approach to retrieving analytics gives you the flexibility to tailor your information-gathering to your unique needs.


Marketing Analytics


Engaging your customers while understanding their behaviors is a key to increase revenue-generating opportunities, and TruData can lead the way. Its powerful marketing analytics help you learn about your customers’ habits, and provide immediate intelligence to front-line personnel in order to intelligently offer products and services.


Getting to know your customers will create a level of engagement few in the financial industry can match, giving you a competitive edge.


Analytics-Driven Management


Manage your financial services with data-based intelligence thanks to loan- and deposit-management analytics capabilities that give you the insight you need to make innovative and proactive decisions.


With our Loan Management, Deposit Management and CD Management modes, you’ll have cutting-edge tools to manage all aspects of your key revenue generators and financial assets that will empower you with insight and analysis to effectively track trends in your portfolios.


“Being a small community bank, we don’t have the manpower to manage a data warehouse. TruData provides database management and report writing capabilities at an affordable price, so that we can dig into our data to find usable information.”


David Dietz, SrVP, CFO | Grand Bank
“Because TruData is an easy product to use, it is flexible on customization of content, and the reporting is available in multiple formats. I would highly recommend that banks consider this product for their reporting and data mining needs.”


Kirk L. Ross, Senior Vice President | First State Bank
“TruData is an instrumental management tool. The program allows us to efficiently mine data from multiple internal systems and create valuable custom reports that can be used for both marketing and reporting purposes.”


Brandon Taylor CPA, CFO/COO | Legacy Bank and Trust