The Art and Science of Acquiring and Keeping Ideal Customers

All financial institutions (FIs) want strategies that produce superior financial performance, a differentiated brand, and great value for customers and members. For many FIs these strategies fall by the wayside due to competing priorities, the difficulty of obtaining key information; and the challenge of executing profitable, customer-centric actions.


Consisting of Customer 360, Market Advantage, and Mortgage Insights, Profit FI helps financial institutions acquire more profitable customers, enter new markets, and create higher performing business units all within one convenient platform.


Customer 360

Market Advantage


Mortgage Insights

The Profit FI Platform provides your team with the technology and advice they need to execute the strategies you worked so hard to develop.

Customer 360

Do you need greater customer profitability? Would you like to attract more profitable customers? Do you want your most profitable customers to refer their friends and family to your bank? If you answered “yes to these questions, Customer 360 is the solution for you.

Customer 360 is a business intelligence application that empowers bank management and front line employees with customer information that is easy to access and use. Each level of management and employee is armed with powerful information they can use to improve customer service, increase efficiency, strengthen the bank’s brand, and generate greater profits. Any division can use Customer 360, whether it’s Retail, Commercial, Treasury Management, Private Banking, Mortgage, or Call Centers. Customer 360 is equally effective for them all.


Designed by leading bank business intelligence experts, Customer 360 lets you:


  • Identify your highest profit customers who are making more than 100% of your profits, and develop strategies to:
    • Gain referrals from them,
    • Strengthen their relationships
    • Design products to attract more like them
  • Attract new core deposits, mortgages, commercial loans, and wealth management accounts.
  • Target specific customers for core deposit and other product campaigns.
  • Build relationship management strategies with critical customer groups.
  • Plan budgeting, marketing, and asset/liability strategies around customer profitability.


Customer 360 comes with 10,000 targeted household leads from your marketplace, and unlike most business intelligence software, is installed in weeks, not months.


More than a software solution, Customer 360 brings leading edge consulting and a strong strategic partnership to give your team insights and strategies that will strengthen your brand, deepen customer relationships, and increase profitability. Banks using Customer 360 gain a strategic partner who is in vested in their success, and who has hands on expertise helping banks use their customer data profitably.

Market Advantage

Do you need to attract new, profitable households? Do several of your branches need to improve their performance? Are you wondering which competitors are winning, which are losing, and how you compare? Do you need more effective product strategies? Market Advantage helps you achieve these objectives and more.

Market Advantage is a business intelligence application that helps bankers better understand the best opportunities in their market place, exactly where they are located, and how to capitalize on them. Whether you need core deposits, more loans, greater penetration of small business or millennial segments, improved branch profitability, or higher CRA scores, Market Advantage provides the market intelligence you need to gain market share and grow.


Here’s just a sampling of what bankers access through Market Advantage:


  • Understand the competitive landscape of your market…who’s gaining and who’s losing
  • Analyze your branch performance by region, know what markets are underperforming, and identify ways to turn them around
  • Find areas in your marketplace with the greatest potential for new customers
  • Visualize areas of high potential where your bank is underpenetrated
  • Know which branches to staff with specialized personnel, such as Treasury Management and Small Business Banking
  • Create product campaigns targeting branches with the greatest potential for each product
  • Develop highly targeted marketing, sales, product, and merchandising strategies based on the specific populations around each branch.


Like all Profit FI applications, Market Advantage is designed by experienced bank business intelligence experts with bankers in mind. More than a software solution, Market Advantage brings leading edge consulting and a strong strategic partnership to give your team insights and strategies that will strengthen your position in your market place.

Mortgage Insights

Are you winning as many deals as you think you should? Are you losing deals due to slow processes or ineffective lenders? Would a streamlined loan application and approval process help you book more loans? Would you like to be able to coach your loan officers according to best practice performance standards?

Mortgage Insights is the software application every lending area needs to build a more effective and efficient loan process. Mortgage Area Managers are able to analyze and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each part of their operation, including origination, processing, underwriting, and closing…and determine where performance standards need to be raised.

In addition to the big picture, Mortgage Insights helps loan officers visualize their entire portfolio, see how they are performing against their peers, and find ways to strengthen their performance and earnings.


Here are just a few ways Mortgage Insights helps mortgage lending teams:


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your mortgage loan pull through rates, such as applicants who are approved and pre-approved but are choosing other providers for their loans.
  • Analyze your lending process from application to loan funding to find areas where the process can be faster and the customer experience better.
  • Coach loan officers, processors, and underwriters who are slower than average or underperforming in other ways.
  • Utilize visual scorecards to benchmark and improve loan officer performance.
  • Understand where exceptions and errors are occurring and make process improvements.
  • Understand where loan applications are coming from in your marketplace and find ways to accelerate that trend.
  • Know the loan values of your applications and closings, and the deal sizes where each of your lenders are spending most of their time.


Like all Profit FI applications, Mortgage Insights is designed by experienced bank business intelligence experts with bankers in mind. More than a software solution, Mortgage Insights brings leading edge consulting and a strong strategic partnership to give your lending team insights and strategies that will generate more applications and close more deals.




Instead of digging for information, cobbling systems together, and creating and distributing offline reports, Profit FI lets executives and employees across the company access the information they need with just a few clicks.



Working together on key priorities comes from having a single system that generates actionable insights and a strong competitive advantage. Profit FI channels management and employee energy into high ROI results.



Powerful but easy to use, Profit FI puts vital customer and market information at the fingertips of your leaders and employees so they can create actions that will transform your profitability.

Ready to take your company’s data to the next level?