When we deploy Qlik solutions, we give our customers a natural environment to organize, manipulate and dig through their data – and, in the process, discover critical new insights.


The Qlik data analytics platform allows users to interact with data the way they think about data. And its interface is simple and intuitive, with an architecture that facilitates exploration. 


We utilize Qlik’s advanced technologies to develop sophisticated solutions that help our clients improve access to their data and make informed decisions faster. As a Qlik Elite Solution Provider, we provide services, support and education – everything you need to successfully implement a self-service BI platform for your organization.



Qlik Sense lets you discover insights that query-based tools miss.


Freely search and explore across all your data, instantly pivoting your analysis when new ideas surface. You’re not restricted to linear exploration within partial views of data. And you get total flexibility with a cloud-ready data analytics platform that supports the full spectrum of BI use cases – ideal for any analyst, team or global enterprise.


Easily combine all your data sources, no matter how large, into a single view. Qlik’s Associative Engine indexes every possible relationship in your data so you can gain immediate insights and explore in any direction your intuition takes you. Unlike query-based tools, there’s no pre-aggregated data and predefined queries to hold you back. That means you can ask new questions and create analytics without having to build new queries or wait for the experts.


QlikView puts the power of insight in your hands.


Discover deeper insights by building your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solution. Enable users to rapidly build and deploy analytic apps. And do it all without the need for professional development skills. The benefits: Faster response to changing business requirements, shorter time to value, and more insight across the organization.


NPrinting makes highly polished reports easy.


NPrinting is the reporting platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense. NPrinting lets you create reports from your QlikView documents and Qlik Sense apps, and distribute them automatically in a range of standard formats.


NPrinting has a responsive web interface both for administrative tasks and for end users. A centralized distribution system simplifies and expedites scheduled, managed report generation and distribution. Users have access to a complete set of reports, and they can subscribe to reports from a web interface on a computer or a mobile device.


With NPrinting you can share knowledge and analyze data across your organization – and beyond.

print automator architecture diagramPrint Automator automates data story updates in Qlik Sense.


Qlik Sense data storytelling captures, combines and shares snapshots of insights, tables and visualizations, and provides a connection to the underlying data. Our Print Automator for Qlik Sense enables you to…

  • update stories automatically.
  • use data stories more effectively and broadly by simplifying the export of stories, sheets and objects.
  • utilize stories as report templates that can be scheduled.
  • apply any filters available.
  • create the full range of Qlik charts.

The Qlik Analytics Platform offers virtually unlimited possibilities.


Comprised of the Qlik Associative Engine, Qlik Sense supporting services, Qlik Dev Hub, Qlik Sense APIs and SDKs, and the Qlik Management Console , QAP gives you the tools to build solutions that let you…

  • Discover deeper insights. Build your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solution.
  • Accelerate and broaden your analytics. Use a modern analytics development environment to create and reuse data models, security configurations and visualizations to speed time to market.
  • Use one platform for embedding analytics. Qlik’s single platform provides an unmatched visual and interactive experience, allowing users to see and explore more in their data.
  • Scale up, down and across. The platform covers a wide spectrum of analytics use cases from dashboards and reports to custom analytical apps.