Qlik Analytics Platform Specialization

Recently, Solve earned the Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) Specialization designation through the Qlik Partner Program. This specialization designation was earned through the work that Solve has done with QAP, building customized solutions for clients. Solve is one of only a handful of Qlik partners worldwide to have earned the QAP Specialization.

Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) leverages the powerful QIX associative data indexing engine to provide application developers the ability to create custom web-based data analytics solutions through powerful, modern API’s. Using standard Qlik Sense visualizations or custom extensions, companies can use QAP to deliver an analytics solution enterprise wide, in and out of network, across all device sizes.

QAP differs from the standard Qlik Sense server in several ways. The main difference is that the standard Qlik Sense solution offers users a centralized Hub to access all of their applications, whether they be published to a stream, or unpublished work in progress applications. These applications are built using a combination of standard Qlik Sense objects, including widgets and extensions. For QAP, the Hub is not offered. Organizations deploying QAP use the QIX engine to embed Qlik Sense objects into custom web-based applications.

With QAP, Solve has enabled clients to embed Qlik into a larger BI solution. The concept of embedded analytics has become a critical BI capability (link) according to IT research and advisory company Gartner. Embedded analytics utilizing the QIX engine and QAP allow clients to augment current BI capabilities with additional custom visualization and integration within other core enterprise applications.

One example of the work that Solve has done includes the development of a Qlik Sense Hub-like experience. This development allows users the ability to navigate between multiple application and sheets all from a single point of entry. This custom development was built to help bridge the gap between the QAP deployment model, and the standard Qlik Sense Hub offering.


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Examples of QAP Implementations

Examples of QAP Implementations


Michael Burt