Qlik Partners

The Qlik Business Discovery platform allows users to interact with data the way people think about data. Its interface is simple and intuitive, with an architecture that facilitates exploration. When we deploy Qlik, we give our customers a natural environment to organize, manipulate, and dig through their data and arrive at insights.


Qlik is beautifully designed and addictively interactive. Users are able to find data, manipulate groupings, and execute inquiries at the click of a cursor—for individual or collaborative projects—giving your team speed-of-thought analysis and incredibly fast-to-value business intelligence.

At Solve, we specialize in maximizing the Qlik platform’s potential, pushing it far beyond its out-of-the-box capabilities. Whether you choose Qlik’s web, desktop or mobile supported software, you’ll find a virtually limitless set of tools for aggregation, analysis and report publishing.

If you’re interested in purchasing Qlik products, Solve can be your connection. We don’t just sell their software—we match your business with the technology solution that best fits your needs and requirements. Take a Qlik tour here. Explore analyst reports here. Discover Qlik-Jive analytics. And contact us today to get the conversation started.