Solve and TimeXtender Announce Partnership


Solve, TimeXtender, and Qlik – A Winning BI Combination!

Solve is proud to announce its new partnership with TimeXtender. With its Discovery Hub® software, TimeXtender is the leader in data warehouse automation.

Solve has been a Qlik Elite Partner for many years. Qlik can be deployed with or without a data warehouse. But having a data warehouse or data mart where the “heavy lifting” of data cleansing and data integration is already done for you can dramatically speed the development of Qlik applications, and allow you to leverage that clean, unified data for additional uses.

Over the years, Solve has designed and built many SQL Server data warehouses for customers ranging from mid-market up to Fortune 100 organizations. Each of these were custom, hand-crafted solutions that brought significant value to their organizations, but they also had a not insignificant cost. That cost is not only the initial development and deployment, but also the cost in staffing to maintain it over time.

We believe that Discovery Hub® provides a unique value proposition to our clients who desire to include a data warehouse or data mart as part of their overall BI strategy:

  1. Significantly faster development time. Discovery Hub® uses a graphical interface to define and design the data warehouse, model the tables, develop the ETL code in SSIS packages and stored procedures (including job control, error handling, etc.), and provide end-to-end documentation. TX DWA allows a trained developer to reduce development time by 60% – 80% vs. more traditional development methods.
  2. Improved consistency and maintainability of ETL code. Discovery Hub® generates ETL code using efficient, tested, design patterns. This means that everything always works the same, regardless of who developed it. All the tedium is removed for the developers, most errors are eliminated before they can even occur. Because it is metadata driven, Discovery Hub® provides impact analysis, machine learning that constantly tunes the execution engine, performance tracking over time, incremental loading, slowly changing dimension processing, security, a semantic layer, version control, and other benefits.
  3. Far lower cost to the BI program over time. Whether using outside consulting or internal resources, the cost to maintain the data warehouse/BI program is significantly reduced in both time and dollars. Imagine getting 4 – 5 times the productivity out of a developer for less than half the cost of an additional FTE. This leads to another benefit…
  4. Improved responsiveness to business needs and changes. New data can be added to the data warehouse much faster. Backlogs of user requests for new data shrink. The intended organizational benefits of the data warehouse are realized in weeks to months, not months to years.
  5. Self-documenting. Since Discovery Hub® is completely metadata driven, end-to-end documentation can be generated, and kept up-to-date, rather than relying on developers who are already facing project deadlines and a backlog full of requests to write it. In addition to being useful documentation, it can also be a key tool in GDPR compliance, for those customers who do business with EU clients.
  6. Improved data governance. Empower end user analytics while maintaining IT governance. Complete, graphical data lineage traceability of data sources-to-targets, or “where did I come from” target-back-to-sources is provided.
  7. Integration with Qlik. Discovery Hub® integrates directly with QlikView or Qilk Sense by actually generating Qlik applications. These applications are included in the data lineage, and can be extended as needed.

Solve believes these benefits will be key enablers for our clients to drive their businesses forward leveraging actionable information at a faster pace than ever before.

If you would like a more personal conversation about how TimeXtender Discovery Hub® might benefit your organization, just give us a call.

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