Time to Upgrade Your Qlik Products?

When it comes to enterprise software, many organizations take a “If it isn’t broke, why fix it?” approach. But in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, the question should be “Why wait until it’s broken?”

Upgrades have a reputation for being difficult. But, as you already know, upgraded software provides a wide range of benefits, including valuable new features, important performance enhancements and significant security improvements.

At Solve, one of our customer services goals is to make upgrades easier. So when a new Qlik release comes out, before we offer it to our customers, we review and test it on our Solve servers. In this post (see links below) we offer the insight we gained from that process and discussions on the most recent Qlik product releases. The goal: to provide the answers you need to determine if now is the right time for an upgrade to your environment.

As always, before performing any upgrades, make sure you have a good backup of your environment. In addition, with Qlik Sense, we recommend performing a repository clean-up before upgrading.

If you have questions, or would like Solve to assist with your upgrade, please contact us at qliksupport@solve100.com.


Qlik Sense Upgrade

With releases coming five times a year, it might not be smart, efficient or necessary to upgrade to every Qlik Sense release unless there is a key feature or key bug resolution that you need. We recommend at least two upgrades annually. See our analysis in previous posts (below).


QlikView Upgrade

New QlikView versions are released annually, so it makes sense to upgrade to every release. Because keeping your QlikView environment up to date is key to keeping your analytics running smoothly. See our analysis in previous posts (below).


NPrinting Upgrade

You NPrinting solution keeps everyone up to date on the latest data. Be sure your users stay in the know by keeping your NPrinting installation in sync with your Qlik application. See our analysis in previous posts (below).


Scott Holewinski