Upgrade Overview: Qlik Sense November 2018

The Qlik Sense November 2018 introduces several new features:

Alternate State Master Items. Previously available only through API calls, alternate states allow users to make different selections on the same dimension for comparison.

Single Selection Field. Allows developers to present guided analytics where one value is always selected.

Dashboard Extension Bundle. An optional install, it incorporates several popular extensions that were previously available in Qlik Branch. Qlik has chosen to incorporate these extensions to ensure compatibility in future versions. Extensions include: Date Range Picker, Navigation Button, On-Demand Reporting via NPrinting, Tabbing Container, Show/Hide Container, Variable Input

The new release also offers enhancements to features introduced in previous releases, including:

  • Improvements to set expressions in the expression editor.
  • New map layer enabling pie or bar chart overlays.
  • Display of a second measure on a pie chart.
  • Import/Export application functionality in the QMC.
  • Improvements to the Insight Advisor’s augmented intelligence engine.


A full list of features and enhancements can be found on Qlik’s website. And this video – “Qlik Sense November 2018 – What’s New” provides a look at the release’s highlights.


Scott Holewinski