Upgrading Qlik Products

When it comes to enterprise software, many organizations take a

“If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” approach. But in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, the question really should be “Why wait until it’s broken?”

Right or wrong, upgrades have a reputation of being scary.  However, they provide a wide range of benefits including new features, performance enhancements and security improvements. At Solve, our goal is to make it easier for our clients. We review and test each release on Solve servers before we recommend upgrading.


Below we look at the most recent Qlik product releases to provide the answers you need in determining if now is the right time for an upgrade to your environment.


As always, before performing any upgrades, make sure you have a good backup of your environment before attempting the upgrade. In addition, with Qlik Sense, we recommend performing a repository clean-up before upgrading.


Beginning with the April 2019 release, Qlik has introduced integration of QlikView apps within Qlik Sense Enterprise. To utilize this functionality, both QlikView and Qlik Sense environments must be upgraded to the April 2019 version.


If you have questions, or would like Solve to assist with an upgrade, contact QlikSupport@solve100.com.


Qlik Sense

With releases five times a year, it might not be the right answer to upgrade to every Qlik Sense release unless there is a key feature or key bug resolution that you need. We recommend at least two upgrades annually with regular patches.

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New QlikView versions are released annually, so keeping your QlikView environment up-to-date is key to keeping your analytics running smoothly.

QlikView 12.40 (April 2019)

Introducing QlikView 12.30 (November 2018)



Your NPrinting solution keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest data. Be sure your users stay in the know by keeping your NPrinting installation in sync with your Qlik application.

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