Webinar: Getting Started with Industry 4.0

Many companies looking at Industry 4.0 find it daunting to get started. Vendors are asking them to immediately start sprinting with techniques such as machine learning. The projects then run into issues. Our customers have found great benefit in taking a “crawl-walk-run” approach to implementing smart manufacturing. They place the initial focus on more effectively using the data currently being collected by making that data more accessible and visible. Then we help them to create a more data-driven culture by integrating the information they already collect into their continuous improvement activities and their daily standard work (for the shop floor and for leaders).


Team Solve

Business intelligence is our passion. We thrive to help you grow your business through solving critical problems by using data. The team behind this passion is made up of all walks of life, and we all have the same drive to help you find new solutions to old problems.