Webinars On-Demand

Webinar: Introduction to AnalyticsGate – Harness the power of Qlik Sense directly from Excel

September 16, 2020:

AnalyticsGate 365 – (formerly Sense Excel), unleashes the power of the Qlik Sense ® platform directly from Excel.

Many of our customers are looking for the best of both worlds, the ability to interact with Qlik Sense data directly from Excel interactively and beyond a static export.

In this 45-minute webinar, Solve and AnalyticsGate will demo the capabilities of the Excel Add-In and discuss the Reporting Suite that enables on-demand reporting and scheduled report distribution.


Webinar: How to Succeed with Cloud BI

September 9, 2020:

Many organizations we speak to have aspirations to move their BI Applications to the cloud. Hurdles to making this a reality in your organization have straightforward answers in 2020.

In this 45-minute webinar, Solve will present a best practices approach to making cloud BI a reality, achieving the benefit of cloud and lessening the risks traditionally associated with it.


Webinar: Introduction to DAX Studio – an external tool for Power BI

August 19, 2020:

This 45-minute interactive webinar will provide an overview of Power BI’s data analysis expressions (DAX) studio.

Solve’s Power BI experts will discuss and demonstrate how to execute queries, export data to CSV, troubleshoot queries, observe performance monitoring, capture queries coming from Power BI, and utilize dynamic management views as well as answer any questions you may have.


Webinar: Qlik Sense Version Control with Motio Soterre

July 29, 2020:

Soterre by Motio helps you better understand all the changes made to Qlik objects in an application and saves time by easily restoring a previous version of a Qlik object that was edited or deleted. It installs confidence in adminstrators and developers, know that making a mistake can be restored in minutes.

In addition, Motio Soterre allows full or partial application deployment between dev, test and prod environments.

This 45-minute webinar will provide a close-up look and answer your important questions.


Webinar: What’s New with Qlik Sense (June 2020 Version)

July 22, 2020:

Qlik is committed to continuous improvement. And so it issues quarterly upgrades to improve and enhance Qlik Sense – and help you keep it maintained, optimized and secure.

Learn everything that’s important to know about the most recent release, when you join us for “What’s New with the Qlik Sense June 2020” on July 22nd.

This 45-minute webinar will provide a close-up look at the new features, added capabilities, innovative visualizations and critical security patches – and answer your important questions.


Webinar: Qlik Sense Mobile

June 17, 2020:

Have a mobile workforce? Come explore the ways to securely use the Qlik platform on mobile devices.

Qlik has provided some great capabilities to enable mobile analytics that many users of Qlik are under-utilizing.    We’ll cover some choices for administrators and some capabilities for Qlik power users on mobile devices.


Webinar: Nodegraph 4.0 Data Lineage for Qlik and Power BI

June 10, 2020:

In an analytics environment, it’s important — and often time-intensive — to know the answers to these questions:

  • Where did this field come from?
  • What applications use this data?
  • What applications will be affected if I change this table?
  • Is anyone using this data source (and how)?
  • Do I have old data files or unused data files?
  • On what visualization/fields are my Qlik NPrinting reports dependent?

NodeGraph, an add-on to QlikView, Qlik Sense and Power BI, solves this problem, visually displays your analytics solution from source to an application, and allows you to explore, visualize and trace your data, know if it’s up-to-date, and see how it is calculated.


Webinar: K4 Analytics Write-Back for Qlik, Power BI, Tableau, Looker and Web

May 30, 2020:

In this webinar we present K4 Analytics.  K4 Analytics enabled data entry for many platforms:

  • Qlik Sense + QlikView
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Looker
  • Web
  • Teams

It allows powerful data entry forms with workflow and security that integrate into your analytics platform and allow users to enter data where they are already analyzing it.



Webinar: QlikView to Qlik Sense Migration Strategies

May 20, 2020:

There are a number of reasons to make the move from QlikView to Qlik Sense:
• It’s a more modern platform.
• It offers enhanced usability.
• It enables powerful self-service BI.
• It provides a better mobile experience.
• It enables tighter governance.

If your Qlik environment is built around QlikView, and you’re curious about moving to Qlik Sense, know that you’re not alone. And know that there are important choices to make, challenges to resolve, pitalls to avoid, and differences to understand.

This new 45-minute webinar will show you how you can de-risk the transition, achieve maximum efficiency and take advantage of new licensing programs.


Webinar: Choosing the Qlik Deployment Strategy That’s Right for You

May 13, 2020: Qlik Sense Enterprise can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, but there are differences between the two! View this webinar to learn about the pros and cons for each deployment option, and to help you choose which one is right for your organization.


Webinar: Implementing On-Demand Application Generation in Qlik

May 06, 2020: As data volumes grow, techniques that work well most of the time begin to fail. To address high volume and low latency requirements, Qlik provides On Demand Application Generation. Using summarized data that does not overburden the system, ODAG allows the user to drill through to the most granular level of detail based on user selections. Learn more when you join us for this 30-minute webinar.


Webinar: What’s New with Qlik Sense April 2020

April 30, 2020: Learn everything that’s important to know about the latest Qlik Sense release when you join us for “What’s New with Qlik Sense April 2020.” This 45-minute webinar will provide a close-up look at the new features, added capabilities, innovative visualizations and critical security patches – and answer your important questions.


Webinar: Getting Started with a Machine Learning POC

April 15, 2020: Today’s data science technologies make it easier to prepare data, train and tune predictive models, and put those models into production. This 30-minute webinar provides an overview of machine learning, discusses ML tools, explores recent developments that make it possible to automate much of the data science workflow, and shows you how to bring machine learning to your organization with a POC project.


Webinar: Improve your Data Storytelling in Qlik with Vizlib

April 2, 2020: The Vizlib extensions offer a host of game-changing capabilities can have a dramatic usability impact on Qlik Sense Dashboards. This webinar demonstrates the capabilities of a number of the Vizlib extensions including examples from the following Vizlib libraries: Vizlib Library (Bar, Line, Sheet Navigation and other extensions), Vizlib Self-Service, Vizlib Finance Report, Vizlib Collaboration, and Vizlib Gant Chart.


Webinar: What’s New with Qlik Sense November 2019 & February 2020

March 18, 2020: Learn everything that’s important to know about the two most recent Qlik Sense releases. This 45-minute webinar provides a close-up look at the new features, added capabilities, innovative visualizations and critical security patches – and answer your important questions.


Webinar: A Close-Up Look: NPrinting by Qlik

March 4, 2020: Built to create great-looking reports and distribute them in a flash, Qlik NPrinting is a valuable and indispensible tool for Qlik Sense and QlikView. This webinar takes a deep dive into NPrinting – and how it can manage your reporting (and save you time and trouble). More specifically, it provides a close-up look at NPrinting’s scheduling, archiving, distribution and on-demand report generation capabilities – and answers your important questions.


Webinar: Enhance and Extend Your Knowledge with Qlik Continuous Classroom

January 29. 2020: Looking to move up? Needing to know more? Qlik Continuous Classroom is a self-service, online learning platform designed to provide the knowledge that’s right for you, your job and your Qlik solution. With role-based pathways, product-focused plans, modular learning, live chat and an interactive approach, QCC lets you learn the way you learn best.


Webinar: Nodegraph Data Quality and Qlik NPrinting Integration

December 5, 2019: In a Qlik environment, it’s important — and often time-intensive — to know where a field’s data comes from, what applications use that data, and what applications will be affected if this table is changed. NodeGraph, an add-on to QlikView and Qlik Sense, solves this problem, displays your Qlik solution from source to application, and allows you to explore, visualize and trace your data, know if it’s up-to-date, and see how it is calculated.


Webinar: Qlik, Big Squid and Predictive Analytics

December 3, 2019: Big Squid’s machine learning platform, Kraken™, is designed to augment your existing analytics capabilities and allow you to quickly surface insights and build predictive solutions. In this webinar, experts from Big Squid and Solve discuss how to get started with automated machine learning and AI initiatives using Qlik and Kraken, and show you how it can enhance your data science and analytics.


Webinar: Introducing Qlik Data Catalyst

November 21, 2019: Is your data library messy and unorganized? Tired of worrying about securing your raw or transformed data? Does your IT department spend a lot of time gathering data requirements? You should look at Qlik Data Catalyst, a new product in the Qlik suite. QDC enables organizations to catalog their data and make secured, business-ready data sets available to users. View this 30-minute webinar to get a demonstration of the application, and to see how QDC fits into existing Qlik architecture.


Webinar: A Close-Up Look at Print Automator for Qlik Sense

November 18, 2019: We built Print Automator to eliminate the need to update Qlik Sense data stories manually and, most important, give Qlik Sense customers the ability to use data stories more effectively and broadly by simplifying the export of stories, sheets and objects. Learn more about this extremely useful tool — and see how you can utilize the full range of Qlik charts and know for sure that the underlying data is current.


Webinar: Enhance Analytics and Gain Insight With Profit FI for Jack Henry

November 17, 2019: Profit FI integrates with your Jack Henry platform, aggregates your data, applies sophisticated data modeling, and then presents critical analysis, key insights and an overview of performance in intuitive dashboards. In short, Profit FI is a complete business intelligence and analytics solution for Jack Henry, ready to be customized for your institution’s unique needs.


Webinar: Using Qlik for Smarter, Better Oracle JD Edwards Reporting

July 30, 2019: See why Qlik is the leading analytics and reporting platform for Oracle JD Edwards customers worldwide – and how Solve and Differentia work together to install Qlik on JDE. The keys to successful, fast implementation: Solve’s exceptional Qlik expertise and Differentia’s Smarter.JDE template. Using this template with the powerful Qlik analytics platform and its self-service architecture, we can accelerate your time-to-value, time-to-decision and time-to-report.


Webinar: K4 Integrated Data Entry/Write-Back Overview + Demo

July 9, 2019: K4 Analytics allows you to turn Qlik Sense into a data capture solution, as well as an analytics solution. The K4 solution is comprised of a web service and extensions for both QlikView and Qlik Sense. The extensions load data dynamically from both Qlik and SQL datasets and merges them into the K4 Tool. This allows users to filter data in Qlik and do data entry that is stored into the SQL database.


Webinar: Choosing the Right Visualizations

June 26, 2019: Getting visualizations right requires knowing your data, knowing your audience and, most important, knowing the story you want to tell.  This 30-minute webinar reviews these key questions, discusses the most common data visualization types (and when to use them), and shows you how Qlik’s advanced tools make it easy to utilize and present data – and share the valuable insights it offers.


Webinar: Qlik Sense Excel Overview + Demo

June 12, 2019: Sense Excel, an add-on module for Qlik Sense, combines the strengths of Microsoft® Excel and the advantages of the Qlik Sense business intelligence to create a user-friendly, powerful analysis tool. Sense Excel requires neither additional hardware nor long implementation times.


Webinar: Getting Started with Industry 4.0

May 23, 2019: Many companies looking at Industry 4.0 find it daunting to get started. Vendors are asking them to immediately start sprinting with techniques such as machine learning. The projects then run into issues. Our customers have found great benefit in taking a “crawl-walk-run” approach to implementing smart manufacturing. They place the initial focus on more effectively using the data currently being collected by making that data more accessible and visible. Then we help them to create a more data-driven culture by integrating the information they already collect into their continuous improvement activities and their daily standard work (for the shop floor and for leaders).


Webinar: Adapt Your Processes for Lean Industry 4.0

May 21, 2019: Over the past few years, manufacturing companies have embraced a vast array of technologies such as robots, lasers and 3D printing. However, many of those plants still approach continuous improvement by capturing data on paper and whiteboards. Lean Six Sigma works. It’s been used by a long list of companies to drive massive improvements in production and quality. But it doesn’t work as well as it could. For the OpEx team to fully take advantage of new technologies in manufacturing, they must embrace the use of new technologies in their own processes. In this webinar, we discuss how to evolve your lean manufacturing practices to incorporate the new capabilities that Industry 4.0 offers.


Webinar: Gain Insight with Qlik Sense Monitoring Applications

April 25, 2019: See how the powerful, insightful Qlik Monitoring Applications can expand and improve the governance of your Qlik environment. Solve experts provide a detailed overview, and show you how Qlik Monitoring Apps let you know the health of your Qlik Server (CPU, memory usage, etc.) and provide valuable information on usage, license monitoring, peak usage times and more. Then, they demo both the standard and optional monitoring dashboards.