What’s new in Qlik Sense February 2019 Release

The Qlik Sense February 2019 release brings seven new charts for consumption, as well as a slew of improvements.

Qlik continues to go down the bundle path by including an all new Visualization Bundle to this release. The Visualization Bundle takes several of the most popular third-party extensions and officially incorporates them into Qlik-supported visualizations. A full list of features and enhancements can be found on Qlik’s website, but here are the highlights:

New charts include…

  • Funnel chart – shows the progression of a measure through stages
  • Heat Map chart – shows a measure based on a color-matrix for two dimensions
  • Multi-KPI chart– shows multiple measures with the ability to add dimensions
  • Network chart – graphic visualization of nodes and parents (dimensions) linked by measures
  • Sankey chart – divides a measure into different categories and shows the flow of that measure across different stages
  • Radar chart – displays a measure spread on a polar chart for two dimensions
  • World Cloud chart – highlights the most common occurrence of a text dimension

As with the Dashboard Bundle in November 2018, the Visualization Bundle can only be deployed during the installation process. The new charts are accessible in the Extensions tab and are fully supported by Qlik and Qlik’s product suite.

Qlik also enhanced features introduced in previous releases:

  • Improved page load times through the introduction of single-page application flow. The compass navigation dropdown has been replaced by a new header that allows a user to seamlessly transition between analysis, data model and story mode.
  • Addition of a share button to the Dashboard Bundle. The share button allows a user to create a link that captures the current sheet and selections.
  • Verified dollar-sign expansion syntax through use of the new dollar-sign expansion preview.
  • Added support for new background layers to maps through Web Map Service (WMS) integration.

Scott Holewinski