Winter Olympics QlikView Preview

Global Games Winter Edition
Winter Olympics QlikView Demo

The 22nd Winter Games are at full swing in Sochi, Russia. Over the course of 17 days, thousands of Olympians will be putting a lifetime of hard work on the line—to represent their countries and test their skill against the best in the world.

If you’ve watched from home, you know how much there is to keep track of at the Games. All the countries, athletes, events, times and scores: that’s a lot of data. The QlikView Global Games App allows users to interact with this data in QlikView’s incredible data-exploration environment.

Find country profiles, athlete measurements, event schedules, and medal results from 1908 to 2014. Then go deeper: explore medal combinations, athlete comparisons, and performance trends. You’ll get a sense of the power, flexibility, and virtually unlimited data manipulation possible with the QlikView platform.

We love using QlikView with our customers. It’s a dynamic platform that’s easy to learn and fast to value. Jump into this app to try it for yourself.

Have fun, and enjoy the Games. (And go USA!)

Greg Woodard

Principal at Solve